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Unique interview with Agnetha Fältskog
28 May 2004  Pressrelease from SVT:

SVT1 Friday 4th of June 8 pm: "Agnetha".

Unique interview with Agnetha Fältskog
She loves musik and dislikes publicity. She's mother, she's national icon and she is 25 per cent ABBA. One of our time's biggest artists prised with gold in her throat and now show herself for the audience after 17 years of silence.

It's about Agnetha Fältskog on SVT1 Friday 4th of June at 8 pm.

The director Magnus Skogsberg Tear and the project leader Ola Johansson got the confidence to gather together a team and do a programme about and with Agnetha Fältskog. To minimize the size of the team, Magnus chose to document the interview himself with a small super8-camera.

The programme is recorded in her home enviroment during some intensive days this spring.

In "Agnetha" Agnetha Fältskog tells about her life in and outside the limelight, about how it all started when she being young and hungry came to Sweden as a singer in the 70s, and about ABBA and the world tour and all the hysteria surrounding the band. It's long since then, but she although concludes:

- There isn't one day I'm not thinking about ABBA or that I dream about ABBA.

But "Agnetha" also provides a more private part of the singer. She tells about her melancholy, about the love to sad songs and she evalutes things like courage, fear and happiness.

Apart from the interview the programme also contains parts of music videos and glimpses from Agnetha's work with the latest record. And a as a bonus the viewers get to see a number of film-sequences where Agnetha is doing the role as Lena, and the actor Magnus Krepper is being Leif, in the film we will never get to see in full, but that in the programme has a very enjoyable ending...

The interview with Agnetha is done by Lotta Bromé.

(Thanks to SVT)

Agnetha Fältskog is interview by Lotta Bromé. FOTO: Magnus Tear/SVT

Agnetha Fältskog in the video for Past, Present, Future. FOTO: Göran Hallberg/SVT

Agnetha Fältskog in the video for When You Walk In The Room. FOTO: Göran Hallberg/SVT

Espen Bekkenbråte, Ola Johansson, Lotta Bromé, Magnus Skogsberg. FOTO: Anna-Lena Ahlström/SVT

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