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Agnetha Fältskog
5 April 1950  Agnetha Anna Åse Fältskog was born on 5 April 1950. Agnetha is the youngest of all the ABBA members.

Agnetha learned how to play the piano at an early age. When she was 15 years old she began singing with a big band.

A record company owner, Little Gerhard, found out about the talented girl Agnetha Fältskog, which resulted in Agnetha sending over a song, "I Was So In Love", on a cassette. Little Gerhard was impressed and Agnetha went to Stockholm to record the song. She became a big star in Sweden during the 60s, and recorded several albums and singles.

Agnetha and Björn met on a TV show at the end of the 60s and were engaged the year after.

Agnetha's album "Som jag är" ('As I Am') was recorded in 1971 with Björn as producer, together with Gerhard. On the album there is a duet with Björn and Agnetha, called "Så här börjar kärlek" ('This is the way love starts'). The same year the four members had the première of their show "Festfolket". Agnetha and Frida also sang backing vocals to "Hej Gamle Man!" ('Hey, Old Man!'), a song which was included on the album "Lycka" ('Happiness').

Agnetha and Björn got married in Verum church on 6 July 1971. Benny was organist and played classical wedding songs along with "Wedding", one of the Hep Stars' songs.

On 23 February 1973, Agnetha and Björn's first child, Linda, was born.

During the ABBA period Agnetha recorded a new solo album, which would become her last on the Cupol label, "Elva kvinnor i ett hus". On the record two ABBA-songs were included, one of them the Swedish version of S. O. S and a Swedish version of Disillusion, called Mina Ögon ('My eyes').

On 4 December 1977 Agnetha and Björn's second child, Christian, was born.

At Christmas 1978 Agnetha and Björn announced that they were divorcing. In 1979 Agnetha began recording her Christmas record "Nu tändas tusen juleljus", together with the eldest child Linda. The work was delayed and the record wasn't released until 1980. It contains many classic Swedish Christmas songs and includes a Christmas medley of 7 classic songs.

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