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Anni-Frid Lyngstad
15 November 1945  Anni-Frid, or Frida, Lyngstad was born in Narvik, in Norway on the 15th November 1945.

Her mother, Synni Lyngstad, died when Anni-Frid was two years of age. She moved to Sweden the same year together with her grandmother. It was she who encouraged Anni-Frid to sing and at the age of 11 she performed on stage for the firs time.

After she'd established herself in the entertainment business she started a new group, the Anni-Frid Four, together with Ragnar Fredriksson. They shortly after fell in love, married and had two children.

Anni-Frid participated in the "Nya Ansikten" ('New Faces') competition that was arranged by a children's organisation. The song she sang was called "En ledig dag" ('A day off') and afterwards performed it on the TV programme "Hylands hörna" ('Hyland's corner'). "En Ledig Dag" was also Anni-Frid's first single on the label EMI.

Anni-Frid and Benny met when they were on tour performing at different night-clubs. Anni-Frid was on tour with Charlie Norman, a famous piano player in Sweden, and Benny with his band "The Hep Stars". They met and after a while got engaged.

Her first record was released 1971 and it was produced by Benny Andersson. It was simply called "Anni-Frid Lyngstad".

During the ABBA period she did exactly as Agnetha and released a solo album. Anni-Frid's was called "Ensam" ('Alone') and became a hit in Sweden. The record was also distributed to other countries outside Sweden.

After ABBA she started working on the record "Something's going on", produced by Phil Collins.

1984 she made her second post-ABBA album entitled "Shine". It contained a song written by B&B, "Slowly", that was later recorded by Gemini.

Frida has long been interested in environmental questions and, in 1992, she participated in the "Artister för miljö" ('Artists for the environment') gala where she performed her own interpretation of the song Julian Lennon song, "Saltwater".

In 1996 she recorded her third post-ABBA album, "Djupa Andetag". This time she sang in Swedish, and Anders Glenmark produced it.

In 1999 Anni-Frid's husband Ruzzo Reuss died in Sweden, a tradgedy for her.

In 2002 she recorded a duet with the opera singer Filippa Giordano.

In 2003 she released a single with the Schweiz singer Dan Daniell for charity. One of the two songs she participated in was a cover version of ABBA's song "I Have A Dream".

In 2004, it looks like she's working on a musical, thought it hasn't been revealed what it's really going to be about.

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