2005-07-05 Waterloo foreign singles added
2005-04-13 Waterloo/Watch Out single added!
2005-02-25 Pictures from Swedish MM! uploaded!

Essential links
Sara Russell's fantastic site, dedicated to gather all ABBA's performances on TV - ever!

ABBA The Worldwide Chart Lists
People always asks on what place they got in that country and what they charted in that year. So go and see for yourself on Trent's splendid site!

ABBA World
Ian Cole's resource to ABBA-knowledge. Has the leading link page on the net, and also a comprehensive list of all songs recorded by ABBA.

The best ABBA-mailing list currently on the net. Well worth a look solely for its good and always up-to-date news page.

Lots of nice pictures and also a good and up-to-date newspage.

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